Most popular types of Seafood


Many people love to eat seafood because of its unique taste and different from chicken or cow meat. However some people have to think twice to eat seafood because of its high cholesterol content. You are the one who Kulinas?

The content of Kolestorol in seafood is high, so it is dangerous if we consume it excessively. Whatever is done excessively, of course the result is not good. So eat well, because it is a pity if you do not eat seafood that contains many benefits to the body. 

To enjoy seafood we usually visit a restaurant that serves seafood menu. The shadows are not NIH, once the message we have to spend the budget for one day only or one meal. Of course this is a little make wasteful?
Indeed, not everyone can cultivate seafood into delicious food as well as the dishes that are much liked by families.

1. Shrimp

First there is a prawn that has a very beautiful reddish orange color. Usually the shrimp used is a type of jombo prawns that are large enough size. Shrimp can be served in a whole state with a head and tail, but there is also a vertical strored so that the inside of the flesh is visible. In one serving seafood platter on average you will find at least five prawns in it.

2. Shellfish

Next up is a clam that is one of the types of seafood that has the most variety, ranging from green shells, bamboo shells, shellfish, shellfish kepa, oyster shells, scallop shells, batik shells and many more. But of the many kinds of shells, green shells and oyster shells became the most widely used shellfish in processed seafood platter. The washed shells were then opened and cooked with spices before they made processed seafood platter.

3. Squid

This type of white seafood is also never miss from seafood platter. Squid can give the taste of different seafood because it has a chewy texture but soft. The squid is usually served in the form of slices such as rings. Usually squid cooked by frying flour or can also be steamed or stir-fry with spices.

4. Crab

Crabs are also one of the most emerging seafood dishes in seafood platter. Because the look of the crab will make the seafood platter become more attractive and tempting. Usually crabs will be served with spicy seasoning or padang sauce. While the type of crabs used are mostly soka crabs or crab crabs because the meat is more and tastes tend to be sweet.

5. Fish

Well, the last one there is a fish that has never been absent from the seafood platter. The type of fish served on the seafood platter is a fish-dori that has been difillet first and then cooked in a baked manner. In addition to baking, the fish dori on seafood platter dishes are also often cooked by way of fried flour. The fish-dori has a very soft meat texture and is juicy enough to be very easy to swallow. 

6. Sardines

Sardines are included in foodstuffs that contain a lot of nutrients. Sardines contain Omega 3 that can help regulate and lower cholesterol in the blood and improve blood health. Sardines are also good food for the brain, Omega 3 will improve brain function and memory. All sardines can be eaten, so it will provide good calcium, iron, and vitamin D for bone health. Sardines also contain KO-enzymes Q10 (CoQ10) which helps to improve blood and physical energy awareness.

7. Seaweed

Seaweed is one of the marine plants that contains vitamin C, zinc, and iodine. Seaweed contains very high protein. Seaweed also contains complex carbohydrates that are in the number 40% of the total weight of seaweed — meaning you will get energy rapidly with a low glycemic index number, after eating it. High fiber content of seaweed can also result in a longer satiety, very good for digestion and diet.

8. Oyster

Oysters contain a lot of tyrosine amino acids that help improve the mood and regulate stress levels. Oysters are a good and essential source of vitamin A, C and B12 for energy. Oysters have good calcium levels and are great for bone forming. The other side to consider from consuming oysters is its high mercury level.

9. Salmon Fish
Salmon Fish

One type of fish that has gained a great reputation in the world of health and wellness is salmon fish. Salmon is part of the "family" of fatty fish, such as vulture, mackerel, and sardines. Especially for salmon, as long as this flesh is known for having great benefits for cardiovascular health and its role in helping to lose weight.

One of the best content that makes famous salmon is Omenga 3 is very high content. A recent study suggests Omega 3 can help protect age-related vision problems.

Now you already know some kind of seafood and the benefits that are contained in it? So do not hesitate anymore to add your diet with various types of seafood with a good variety of benefits.

Hopefully this article is useful for readers, so many thanks for visiting ya...

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